In Those Quiet Moments

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This has been an interesting season — difficult yet cathartic. The Covid circumstance has struck me to my core in multiple ways. I’ve seen my personal health come into serious question. I watched my child battle for his life and fought beside him. I’ve seen my livelihood shift in ways I hadn’t expected. It all comes back to finding truth in those quiet moments — the time when you stop your mind from a constant chatter to allow the flow of positive productive thought.

I’ve always been incredibly healthy because of the choices I’ve made through food, supplementation, exercise, and personal development and the guidance of helpful “angels” along the way. When adversity rears its ugly head, I’ll do anything to prevent it from gaining control by tapping into these resources.

Through our son’s illness, I saw a level of determination in myself, my husband, and him that I hoped was there but never had a reason to implement until the situation arose. Again, better choices in the past prompted successful healing today along with the openness for new ideas of therapy and treatment.

In my livelihood, doors are closing and opening — surprising yet positive — all a part of my growth. Humbling to experience and exciting to anticipate.

I am grateful that I am prepared for anything that I come up against because of the choices I have made and the connections/resources/tools I’ve accumulated and the time I spend in those quiet moments. It is there that I find my answers. It is there that I find peace because I know that I will always find inspiration in adversity and WIN!!!

One Great Breath

Paraphrasing the recent comment of a friend of a friend, Amy Kosh, “ Life is one great breath — we take one big inhale when we are born and we take one big exhale when we die.” I am also reminded that life is defined not by the numbers of breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away. All this comes to mind because in May my step-mother took her last breath.

Carol married my father when I was five. She and I shared the same birthday. She worked for two of our Nation’s presidents. She was widowed at the age of 33 and raised 3 kids under the age of 7 alone but with the help of family and friends. These are just statements of fact.

She embraced me as her own and taught me how to love any child unconditionally and to make them feel special. She and my mom got along very well and made co-parenting a pleasant experience. She cared for and took people in, including her nephew and my eldest son, to allow them time and space to find direction in their lives. She had an amazing laugh that could encourage anyone in the darkest of times — something I loved best about her and will miss most. She made time to create lasting memories to cover and replace pain like taking all of us kids on an RV trip across country for three months when our father passed (not something 13 year old me wanted to do but something 55 year old me will never forget) or taking some of our family on a trip to a cabin last summer in the mountains of Tennessee to be in awe of the beauties of nature and play board games until the wee hours. These are moments of her life that took my breath away and make me grateful to have known her.

I recently completed a course in self discovery for the second time (because once just wasn’t enough). It taught me to reflect on such moments and to consider “the dash” — the time between that first and last breath. It gave me peace over the pains of my past and comforts me today in times of despair at the loss of Carol and worry over the unknown like an endless quarantine where very familiar things like going to the grocery store feel incredibly unfamiliar.

And with the tools I collected in that course, I am confident that I can move gracefully through any circumstance I encounter. Does it mean that there won’t be moments of doubt or pain felt or mistakes made? Of course not. But it can help anyone to understand how important their own dash or great breath can mean to themselves or someone in need of loving guidance. Some will hear the call to go through the process of self discovery and some won’t. I’m glad I did.

That joy brought me to the realization that I needed to share what I had learned. This week I began my journey as a Guide of that course to help others find their bliss. It is an honor and a calling I don’t take lightly. May I gingerly and humbly help those desiring to create moments in their lives that take their breath away, too.

MKE Week 24 — Already Out of the Box [Round 2]

I really loved the concept of thinking outside the box by using the less dominant hand; however, as I continued through the process, I realized that my life, as a lefthanded person, has necessitated being one to think outside the box every day.  This thought hit me when I imagined myself as an animal while writing with either hand.  Left — dolphin.  Right — horse.  Although I love them both, the horse was one of the most predictable for the dominant righthanded people.

As was mentioned in the video, less than 10 percent of the population are lefthanded.  Upon further research, I have found that a predominance of righthandeness is mainly because of cooperation — sharing tools, for example, and is more widely accepted societally.  Whereas, competitive circumstances show that lefthanded people have the “upper hand” vs. righthanded people — HAH (except in golf — bummer).  (

From being a little girl where finding those green coated lefthanded pair of scissors in art class to being an adult looking for a spouted pot that flows from the left hand or dealing with the pesky coils of a spiral notebook or the discoloration of one’s hand from ink, I keenly remember many circumstances that required out-of-the-box, tolerant, flexible, and creative thinking.  In college and now I favor steno notebooks bound at the top as well as highlighting from right to left in text books, much to the shock of my friends and classmates.  I think it worked for me in almost a deconstructed kind of thought process from end to beginning, hence my love of the “ship” lesson.

Finally, because the right side of the brain is one known to control creative thought, why in the world would I want to curtail that innate Blessing?  Well, I think it may be a good thing for me to do occasionally as an exercise in pragmatics.  Sometimes I am one to be too ethereal — the balloon that might float away.  Thankfully, I have an extremely pragmatic husband who is the tether to my balloon.  Together, we make better decisions than we would separately.  I guess you could say that our love is a sort of corpus callosum.  hmmm


MKE Week 23 — Effortless Ease [Round 2]

This week I have really dived in head first to these concepts as I write them repeatedly on my cards and review them during flash sessions and throughout my daily life.  All of a sudden, efforts become easier, tremendous peace is exhibited in the face of previously perceived adversity, and I find great joy in their truthful simplicity.  Do I execute them perfectly — of course not.  But awareness is the first step and it makes my heart sing.

Law of Least Effort:  AcceptanceI accept things as they are in this moment, not as I wish they were.  How powerful!  God is in control.  All things are happening exactly as they should according to His plan.  Whew!  What a weight-relieving concept.

Law of Least Effort:  ResponsibilityI take responsibility for my situation and for all those events I see as problems . . .  I also know that every problem is an opportunity in disguise . . . (which) allows me to . . . transform it into a greater benefit.  Because God is ultimately in control, all that I can do is what and when He has guided me to do.  Circumstances that arise are an opportunity for me to put into action those things I have learned, learn from the experience itself for future use, and sharing with others what I’ve learned to glorify Him.

Law of Least Effort:  DefenselessnessI relinquish the need to defend my point of view.  This one was the most eye-opening for me.  Why?  This was my vice.  As I went through the week, now being the non-judgmental observer of my actions, I saw this as an opportunity for me to put into effect the other two aspects of the Law of Least Effort — that I honor and accept circumstances and, rather than defend, take responsibility of problematic opportunities without judgment to allow God’s work to flow through me.

I hope all of you are enjoying the well of emotions this week’s work has sprung as I am.  As Og has taught us, Today I am master of my emotions.  From this moment I am prepared to control whatever personality awakes in me each day.  I master my moods through positive action and when I master my moods I control my destiny.  I am master of myself.  I am great!

MKE Week 22a — Silence — I kill you! [Round 2]

A little over a week ago [four years ago now], my husband and I took our youngest son, Gavin, to see one of his favorite comedic acts, Jeff Dunham, live.  One of his characters is named “Achmed, the Dead Terrorist”.  He raises his eyebrows in shocked anger and rants at the audience whenever they laugh, “Silence, I kill you!”  Little did I know that trying to find the silence these last two weeks as we progress into self-direction and self-reliance would just about kill me! [I am still doing my best to remain silent — and it’s not easy; although, it is fulfilling.]

Trying to find one half day let alone 2 half days and another whole day has been daunting.  Knowing that I forgive everyone (including myself) and I can instantly replace a negative thought with a positive one, I have found chunks of time every day this week to sit silently.  In those moments (which some were as long as an hour), I found that my relaxed calm state of mind helps me access infinite intelligence.

During these sits (most of which occurred outside in my backyard with my dog, Miss Molly Mouse [she is gone now and we now have our granddog, Bean, fulltime who is equally good at the silence] — who, by the way, is magnificent at maintaining silence — I would hear the things my busy life and mind would miss like the buzz of a passing bee, the rustling of the wind in the trees and even the small potted plants in my backyard, the various thoughts tumbling inside of my head often jumping over and on top of each other (as Emerson would call “the gleam of light which flashes across his her mind from within“), and especially the voice of my almighty God.

The power which resides in him her is new in nature, and none but she knows what that is which she can do, nor does she know until she has tried.  With that in mind, I press onward.  God will not have his work made manifest by cowards.  I will put his my heart into his my work and done his my best. . . otherwise, it shall give him me no peace. I will be am genuine and equal . . . sound and sweet . . . and live ever in a new day! [Round 2]

MKE Week 22 — If You Don’t Like What’s On . . . [Round 2]

If you don’t like what’s on, change the channel.  Could it be this simple?  Have you ever had the battery die out on your remote control?  How frustrating is it when you want to change the channel but can’t.  Well, honestly, you can!  (As a side note, if you’re that attached to the television, here’s a great place to start — turn it off!  But I digress.)  :o)

I am now learning that it is the same way with those pesky negative emotions — fear, anger, unworthiness, guilt, and hurt feelings.  But rather than turning them off, use them as tools to become an ever better new and improved you (or rather the “you” that’s been covered up by all the years of believing those negativities were true).

“By applying knowledge we can make out future what we wish it to be.” (Haanel)  Instead of rifling through a drawer to “find” batteries, shuffle the cards, “practice daily . . . and perform amazingly because of practice”, “attach any feeling to any thought, [your] choice”, “instantly replace a negative thought with a positive one”, “[the] subconscious works 24-7 to manifest what [you] plant along with [your] DMP”, and “whatever [you] think about grows and what [you] forget atrophies without exception”.

“Weak is he who permits his thoughts to control his actions; strong is he who forces his actions to control his thoughts.” (Og)

  • FEAR has an energy that gives us concentration and focus;
  • ANGER has an energy to promote change;
  • UNWORTHINESS keeps us on track;
  • GUILT validates that we are good and know what to do;
  • HURT FEELINGS remind us how much we care;

“Thoughts are spiritual seeds, which, when planted in the subconscious mind, have a tendency to sprout and grow.” (Haanel)  We are the farmers.  We can choose what to plant and how to foster them to grow.  Each seed is like a coin.  How and what you plant determines your harvested crop.  What will you choose?  I choose to recognize them and to be thankful that they stop me in my tracks and point me in the right direction.

“I will master my moods through positive action and . . . will control my destiny.”  (Og)

It will takes practice, but through our trials, we will find success(W. Clement Stone)

MKE Week 21 — Finding Pamela (Virtue Rewarded)! [Round 2]

My mother named me after a British novel written in 1740.  In high school, I read Pamela (aka Virtue Rewarded) (hah — another little connected link) for an English assignment.  As a 15-yr old girl at the time, I became offended by the fate she had placed upon me to be an object pursued and used by men for their selfish needs.  I had missed the point, actually, until this very writing.  I now know that she was a beautiful woman who was constantly being pursued by men who wanted to control her; however, she was a pioneer in her time.  She was committed to being self-sufficient, making her own choices, and becoming successful in her own right.  I had missed, or rather was ignorant to the fact, that Pamela was an epic example of The Hero’s Journey showing her separation from what was familiar, experiencing an initiation when she answered the call to adventure, and returning victorious as she pushed through the scariest things she could imagine.  Cool!   Thank you, Mum!

Through all the links connected through this class including this one, I asked, “What would the person I intend to become do next?”  My spunky little inner self responded, “Close your 14-year, very successful private practice office.  It has provided all that it could add to you.  It is time to move on.”  WHAT?!  I meditated and prayed for many months, oddly even before this class began.  (I guess I knew in my heart that it was time.) [This was four years ago.  At that time, I felt an allegiance to some of my long-time patients and continued to work with them in their homes.  On my 55th birthday this summer, it is time to release them completely and pursue my deepest desires without distraction! I always keep my promises.]

“Everything which we hold in our consciousness for any length of time becomes impressed upon our subconsciousness and so becomes a pattern which the creative energy will wave into our life and environment . . . what we think is what is created or produced in the objective world . . . if we wish a change in conditions all that is necessary is to change our thought; this will in turn change our mental attitude, which will in turn change our personality, which will in turn change the persons, things, and conditions, or, the experiences with which we meet in life . . . as soon as you have done this you will begin to attract new things.”  (Haanel)

Courage is moving forward in spite of the fear you feel . . . then your comfort zone expands.  It is the “treasure” of pain that gets you to you bliss.  “When you follow your bliss, [God] will open doors where there were only walls.” (Joseph Campbell)  All that matters is that we showed up and took risks! Then, unseen forces rearrange things to accommodate your step of faith.  BAM!  I have always understood and often said,“I can help more people through my network marketing business than I ever could with my two hands.”

Here I stand in my power pose as we empty my office ready to take on the world already seeing the rewards being handed to me by my dragon.  “Dare to believe . . . nothing can . .. stand in the way of [my] perfect success . . . [I] have become free!” (Haanel)

MKE Week 20 –I’ve Got the Power [Round 2]

“When you begin to perceive that the essence of the Universal is within yourself — is you — you begin to do things; you begin to feel the power. . . It is this power which will enables you to plan fearlessly, to execute masterfully.” (Haanel)  

My sense of power is new yet familiar.  It brings me back to a time when imagination was all that mattered and was completely reasonable.  I think that is what I am most grateful for as we near the last few weeks of MKMMA.  My faith is renewed in the possibilities of my childlike creativity — not just imagined but REAL!  That place to dream that had been plastered over for centuries has now been chipped away and reveals the truth that has been there all along, shining brightly in the sun.

I now “confidently undertake things that are seemingly impossible.”  As I have done so many times before with my Reiki work and with teaching Bible Study to children, I seem to be more astute at allowing myself to be a conduit not just for the unconditional loving energy of God but also for the energy of success.  I don’t know why I would have expected it to be any different, coming from the same source; however, I think I had been thinking that success was a selfish act.  Now I know that the concept, “I will engage in no transaction which does not benefit ALL whom it affects.” That includes ME!

Still, we need to be in accord with God’s plan.  I sit, breathe, and allow the inspiration to be assimilated into my being.  Through this practice (“which I perform amazingly”), I can watch myself objectively in everyday life, interacting with others to see that I now more easily tap into that source of success.  When that happens, I love to hear what will come out of my mouth, what confidence is exuded, what that inspiration inspires in others.  How cool!  I’ve got the power and now I want to share it! [Even more true now than ever!!!]

MKE Week 19 — The Powerful and Victorious Cormorant [Round 2]

Where I live in Northeast Florida, these guys are quite common; however, I am looking at them differently than ever before.  I know that the cormorant is a freshwater foul that dives deep in the water to fish.  After he’s been fishing for a while, he stretches out his wings to dry them off in the warm breeze and sunshine.  I never really thought about it being a statement that he had successfully accomplished what he needed to do to survive that day.  He is saying, “Look at me world!  I did it!”

That bird’s instinctual habit is something we humans have evolved beyond (and I’m not an evolutionist).  It is a habit that I am now noticing more in others (including cormorants) and myself, much like the colors and shapes from when we first began this Hero’s Journey.  And when I stop to think, I improve my posture and feel the power surging in me.

Amy Cuddy, fellow Harvard student, has researched and determined that, “our bodies change our minds; our minds change our behavior; and our behavior changes our outcome.”  Therefore, it behooves us to, “do it and do it and do it until [we] realize ‘I’ve got this!’  We’re faking it ’til we BECOME itThrough some tiny tweaks, we can make big changes!

Now, at the end of my day as I stand in my power pose with hands upon my hips reading my “Gal in the Glass” out loud, I think of that cormorant.  We both have successfully accomplished what we needed to do to survive this day.  And we are proud!