Week 2 — Old Habits Die Hard

Is the saying “Old Habits Die Hard” true?  Over the course of this week, I have found that it is true for some and not so true for others.  What’s the difference?

I have truly enjoyed adding the good habits to my repertoire; however, I find that some of the “bad” habits are not really pleased about being kicked out of the nest.  Actually, this week, I have seen them jumping out to be heard.  Not really liking that at all. Maybe the truth is they aren’t more frequent.  Possibly, the difference is that those bad habits are more obvious than ever before.

I find myself noticing when they come up that I am consciously aware of their presence.  As a matter of fact, this week’s chapter in a book study I am doing happens to be about habits, and more particularly, about our awareness.  In Kody Bateman’s “MLM Blueprint” he discusses the four levels to creating a habit:  1.  Unconscious incompetence — you don’t think about what you do (ignorance is bliss); 2. Conscious incompetence — you think about what you don’t do (is this the seat of regret?); 3. Conscious competence — you think about what you do (you REALLY need to focus to make sure it gets done); 4. Unconscious competence — you no longer think about what you do (it’s become second nature — like breathing — Subby’s got it all under control).  Therefore, I would guess I’d be about a 2/3 at this point.

Fortunately, the consistent timing of my new good habits doesn’t lend those bad guys much stage time. And I thankfully accomplished my promised “blue rectangle” activity of cleaning out the cup cupboard (Yay, me!).  By the way, as I write this, there are so many of them staring me in the face on my computer including the publish button.  Yes, once again, as I publish this week’s blog post, I am keeping my promises!


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