Week 4 — Change Takes Work

Hello, my fellow Subby Trainers!

This week’s class, video attachment, and Haanel reading have truly been an eye opener!  Oddly enough, what was contained in the video was something I teach my patients each and every single day!

You see, I have had a private neuromuscular practice for 13 years.  During that time, I have taught my patients how the work I do retrains the brain to use different nerve routes to alleviate pain.  As the story goes, our nerves, which are quite simplistic, use a language that “sounds” (or feels) like Morse code.  When a pain pattern becomes chronic, the nerves are using a route over and over again, even if it causes pain.  They are not so smart.  I liken it to what happens to the grass on a corner property.  If there is no fence, people (or nerves) will take a short-cut and wear a hole in your grass.  In order to get them to stop, you need to put up a fence,  — literally on the property and figuratively in your body biomechanics and brain.

It never occurred to me that it would function in the same way for thoughts as sensations.  It was right there in front of me all the time!  Therefore, what we, as Subby Trainers, are doing is putting up a fence so that the old bad habits do not get their way and instead, we foster new better habits to replace the old.  Simple?  Yes, and No!  It takes hard work.  Take into consideration that we are overcoming an addiction.  To what?  Chemicals that feed negative emotions.  WHAT?!  Honestly, that was one hard little pill to swallow.  Why would I sabotage my own happiness and success?  Because it was familiar, it had been learned.  Now, I consciously choose to change.  And you?


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