Week 5 — I am the hero of my epic!

My husband has been in law enforcement for his entire adult life; and most recently, he has acted as a “trained observer” as an Behavioral Detection Officer Manager. He has taught me how to pay attention to my surroundings for physical safety. Once again, no coincidence, now I am observing myself (without opinion, of course) for subby safety.

I see there are times when I am successful at overcoming the old habits and other times, not so much. I am trying to implement an “isn’t that interesting” perspective about myself and others. But one of the things I have sacrificed is perfectionism and I am learning to forgive myself when I fall short. Now, I brush myself off and get back up to retrain my conscious and subconscious minds to make better choices as I learn detachment from things that no longer suit my purpose, make mentally healthier choices, and become used to accomplishing good habits.

I am writing my epic novel!   Everyone used to tell me what to think. As Einstein said, “No problem was every solved from the same consciousness that created it.” I am no longer an unconscious approval seeker.

Through my good habits, I bring back an innocence to a point where I wasn’t afraid to dream. I earnestly desire success, I assert my claim, and I take possession of all that I can imagine and put into action. A clear mental picture will automate action when stuff comes up. Finding my mental happy place is easy — a cruise with my Lovey that ends up at 7-Mile Beach, Grand Cayman.

A pebble dropped in water effects so much. I promise to maintain this paraphrased quote, “The moment of hesitation has vanished between taking possession of methods and putting them to use.”  I always keep my promises.


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