Week 6 — Good Grief, I Have a Stubborn Old Blueprint (that’s a fact, not an opinion)!

This week has been A LOT (I say, I say, “A LOT” of work)!  I’ve really been challenged to press on with my dream board and posting my shapes and colors everywhere while still maintaining my daily activities, building my business, handling patients, spending time with my hubby (who lovingly calls me FlavaFlav), and homeschooling our youngest son who turned 15 yesterday (Happy Birthday, Gavin!).  Whew!  As Og says, “I [will] welcome obstacles for they are my challenge.”  Truthfully, do I welcome them?  Not so much.  This week has challenged me mentally, emotionally, and physically.  I truly believe that once this metamorphosis finally takes place, there is going to be one heck of a golden statue to shine in the sun!

I have tried very hard to maintain (and improve) my observations.  What have I noticed?  I’ve got a lot of opinions.  And I find that I have not been so successful at suppressing them.  I do find myself generating some humor and asking people if they are asking for my opinion a lot more than I used to.  I guess that means I am being more consciously considerate and universally accepting.

Love has never been an issue with me.  Honestly, that’s probably been the easiest part of this week’s study.  If there is one thing that people universally say about me it’s that I love everyone.  If I were to find fault in my love it may be of myself.  I would say that I have been a moderately confident person; however, with age, I seem to be less cocky and less selfish.  That can be good and bad — definitely worth tempering (and observing).  Healthy self-love and successful aspiration are definitely acceptable.  Therefore, “I will greet this day with love and I will succeed.”  Love that gal in the mirror!


6 thoughts on “Week 6 — Good Grief, I Have a Stubborn Old Blueprint (that’s a fact, not an opinion)!

  1. jenorator79

    whew, Pamela, me too. I finally put together, somewhat, my movie poster last night with my 6 year old son. Old blueprint really dragging my feet on this one. I’m proud of us both for proceeding through this resistance with faith that it gradually influence our thoughts, and, well you know the rest. Much Love to you

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  2. marymontag

    You crack me up FlavaFlav – I love the humor and fun you have in your life. I think we all struggle some days more than others. Fortunately for us, we are aware and are working diligently on changing those old blueprints. We are truly blessed for this opportunity.

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