Week 8 –All We Need Is Love.

I have enjoyed these weeks with Og restoring my love for others and myself, protecting my beloved Subby, and envisioning my future.  I even managed to last 4 days on my Mental Diet (almost).  Using the recording has been critical to keeping a positive attitude for a difficult time for me — the commute home.

My 13-year practice, which I will retire on or before August 31, 2017 (according to my DMP), is in Jacksonville.  I intentionally planned my hours to be offset that of normal commuting.  As the city has grown and more roads are under construction, what used to take 25 minutes now takes 45 and even up to 2 hours on far too many occasions.  Recently, the two miles north and south of the city have been named the most dangerous stretch of highway in the country.  We have accidents, including deadly ones, DAILY.  It seems to be the greatest source of something I never had before in my life — elevated BP and anxiety/panic attacks.  Thankfully, my cards, DMP, press release, colors and shapes, and this recording have become a source of tremendous peace and comfort.  I NEED them even more tonight.

News I received this evening caused me to dip for longer than 7 seconds.  A friend from church, her husband, and two sons were driving to a hunting trip for Thanksgiving, towing their camper behind there truck.  A blindspot hid a car while they were changing lanes.  Jon, the father, was the only one not wearing a seat belt.  He did not survive.

As I substitute a positive thought into a negative situation, I am comforted to know that Jon’s family is safe, his body is renewed, and he is bowing at the feet of Jesus tonight.

Love each other.  Love yourself enough to think twice because you matter greatly and are loved.



10 thoughts on “Week 8 –All We Need Is Love.

  1. musclesmaster

    Hi Pamela – you are in the #6 position below my name. We’ll be communicating for the next few weeks, so how could this interaction be useful to you? Would make you want to read the posts? Enjoy them? Writing for the sake of filling an assignment isn’t terribly interesting or useful. So, look forward to hearing back. BTW, I live in Minnesota. Getting cold here now.


    1. masterkeypamela Post author

      Hey, Marianne, sorry it took so long to get back to you. Hope you are well. I find it most helpful to follow what Mark and the Fabulous Davene and the other Guides have mapped out for us. I’m really trying to keep in alignment with their suggestions. Be Blessed!



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