Week 11 — Shoes or Success?

What is my predominant mental attitude and what am I spending most of my time on?  Because, truthfully, what I focus on is what I will create.

I am claiming my estate through an earnest desire (I WANT IT SO BAD — my Personal Pivotal needs of Liberty and Helping Others), asserting my claim (Putting it in writing and creating a Master Mind Alliance which will keep me honest — as if the gal in the mirror isn’t already doing that), and taking possession of it (YEAH, I can’t just want it but not take what has been sitting right in front of me all this time — that’s either crazy or stupid).

HOW?  I’m already doing it!!!!!  My Plan of Action is being expressed through my loyalty to the continuous actions set in place using the tools to maximize my potential.  My struggle is already over; I’m changed!

If a bird can poop and the massive lushness of beautiful islands can be created, IMAGINE what MY success looks like when I invest so much more than poop as a medium.

So, although I LOVE shoes, I will make sure that my predominant thoughts will be on my success rather than adding to my closet (although I cannot guarantee that I won’t enjoy spending all that money I am earning on some more fun shoes.  First things first.  Success then shoes!

PS  While you guys are reading this, I am on a cruise ship (yes, it was on my card) AND my hubby and I are discussing retiring my practice so that I can focus on my NWM biz fulltime (also on my card).  It is working!  My future success is something I can now speak of in the past tense because it has already started to happen.  BAM!


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