Week 17a — The Hero’s Journey

This week has been interesting.  At first, the curve ball of an “a” week, threw me off.  (Mark J and the Fabulous Davene, you are stinkers — thank you for never letting me get too comfortable in my skin that I fall back into those old habits.)  Oddly enough, I have truly enjoyed going back over the previous weeks’ lessons and especially the sits.

Those pesky little sits that stumped me in the beginning because they seemed to make time stand still; that, over time, became something to look forward to even though they challenged me from week to week; that now are like revisiting an old friend.  I slid into them like a comfortable old shoe, well worn and loved, and found an inner peace with the adeptness of my ability to accomplish them.  To know the words on the page exactly as I read them, completing their sentences before I finished.

I kind of dreaded going back over them but now I know there is nothing to fear.  I am actually looking at my own Hero’s Journey and, guess what, the Heroine is winning!  She’s got this!  Accomplishment after accomplishment is appearing.  Obstacles seem to crumble just as the cement is crumbling off of my golden statue.  It is my time to shine in the sun.

With this week, we have also needed to do something I dreaded — reading obituaries.  A little morbid, right?  But, I get that, too.  We are observing the Hero’s Journey of others who have gone before us. How are they remembered?  What was their passion?  What is remarked as their legacy?

What do you want your obituary or epitaph to read?  Figure that out and you’ve found the key to your bliss.  Now, GO FOR IT!  And DO IT NOW!


10 thoughts on “Week 17a — The Hero’s Journey

  1. klwmasterkey

    Wow Pamela, I’ve been resisting this same thought of them asking us to write our own obituary……. Then while reading your blog I realized… we already have, maybe not in the exact wording, but we wrote our obituary when we wrote our Darma…..Well as I see it if we break that down to its core, its our legend….. So it’s already written then right?

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  2. dannycl

    Comfort food! So easy to fall into. Almost as Linus’s blanket. Yes these week 17s have been like a unexpected curve ball. Good for you in forging ahead. Mahalo.

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