Week 18 –B+ in the Present

I am A+ as a blood type; however, I am practicing to B+ in the present.    As I sat contemplating happiness in the moment, I realized I had been wracking my brain on an internal conflict about the timing of a couple of my goals.  Why was I accomplishing some goals far earlier than anticipated while coming too close to the deadline on others?

Haanel tells us, “In order to grow, we must obtain what is necessary for our growth,” and that, “man . . . exists, therefore, only in his relation to the whole.”  Because “thought is creative,” I must “concentrate upon [my] power to create and find a logical basis for the faith which is in [me].”  My “faith” in those dates was not realistic because they were (unknowingly to me at the time) set by outside influences. The ones that had been established by me alone and based upon natural laws were being accomplished faster than I even imagined.

Although I still want to and know I will reach those goals, I no longer have an unsettled feeling about the timing.  Simply, “by keeping the thought in mind, it will gradually take tangible form.  A definite purpose sets causes in motion which go out in the invisible world and find the material necessary to serve your purpose.”

Hey, who moved my goal posts?!  Wait, that was me!  And I have found peace and harmony in moving the dates.


11 thoughts on “Week 18 –B+ in the Present

  1. masterkeybrony

    Omg! I’ve done the same.. I created some goal so far in the distance that I don’t feel attached to them… and the ones I created that are this year are exciting and I so want them and they feel more achievable… Back to the drawing board to rework my DMP:-) Happy week 19 to you!!

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      1. masterkeybrony

        Thanks Master Pamela! The week is presenting itself as a roller coaster but the tools and support my future me is creating a path that I’m walking and talking everyday! I accept my future me and release the old me:-) have s wonderful end of week 19!

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      2. masterkeybrony

        It’s so awesome to have a sense of belonging! Something I have not really felt much of my whole life. And now as the course goes on and i creep out of my cubby hole and allow myself to interact and explore with safety I’m beginning to experience more and more magic! I feel gratitude for so many things but to now feel grateful for the life I’m leaving behind is my next step:-) ahhhh

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  2. masterkeyorange

    I didn’t know you could move the dates! I thought I had failed when I missed the dates. I thought I would be cheating if I moved the dates. I would still know that I had missed the original dates. You have totally changed my thinking. Sometimes, I get so caught up in the rules that I can’t see outside the box. Thank you for opening up my box and helping me to see outside my box.

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    1. masterkeypamela Post author

      I hd been a rule girl all my life, formerly stuck in a box and fearful to even peer out of it. I thought this was all written in stone, never to be changed; and then I had a conversation with my future self. She said that I was exactly where I needed to be at that time of writing; however, I have grown to accept that some things will happen earlier and some with come a little later. Come on out! The weather is fine. Your future self is waiting for you with outstretched arms and so are all of us in your Mastermind! :o)


  3. klwmasterkey

    I think we all created goals that we eventually sit back and think What??? I know I have… I changed the date for some and left them for others cause I did make some progress by the stated date.. There’s something about the recognition… that is so empowering..
    Good on ya, I’m not sure if goal dates could really live up to goal post moving but I know I too have shared your thought… Just recently it’s felt less like moving my Goal post and more like finding its rightful place. And when I get there I’m doin a DANCE! Like a foot ball player!

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