Week 19 — The Powerful and Victorious Cormorant

Where I live in Northeast Florida, these guys are quite common; however, I am looking at them differently than ever before.  I know that the cormorant is a freshwater foul that dives deep in the water to fish.  After he’s been fishing for a while, he stretches out his wings to dry them off in the warm breeze and sunshine.  I never really thought about it being a statement that he had successfully accomplished what he needed to do to survive that day.  He is saying, “Look at me world!  I did it!”

That bird’s instinctual habit is something we humans have evolved beyond (and I’m not an evolutionist).  It is a habit that I am now noticing more in others (including cormorants) and myself, much like the colors and shapes from when we first began this Hero’s Journey.  And when I stop to think, I improve my posture and feel the power surging in me.

Amy Cuddy, fellow Harvard student, has researched and determined that, “our bodies change our minds; our minds change our behavior; and our behavior changes our outcome.”  Therefore, it behooves us to, “do it and do it and do it until [we] realize ‘I’ve got this!’  We’re faking it ’til we BECOME itThrough some tiny tweaks, we can make big changes!

Now, at the end of my day as I stand in my power pose with hands upon my hips reading my “Gal in the Glass” out loud, I think of that cormorant.  We both have successfully accomplished what we needed to do to survive this day.  And we are proud!


6 thoughts on “Week 19 — The Powerful and Victorious Cormorant

  1. Kelvin

    I like the way your summarized that. “We’ve done what we needed to do to survive the day!” An excellent ritual of celebration. Thank you. I think I’ll adopt that — though I have to think about whether to wet my wings or not. LOL. Great post. Thank you.

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