Week 24 — Already Out of the Box

I really loved the concept of thinking outside the box by using the less dominant hand; however, as I continued through the process, I realized that my life, as a lefthanded person, has necessitated being one to think outside the box every day.  This thought hit me when I imagined myself as an animal while writing with either hand.  Left — dolphin.  Right — horse.  Although I love them both, the horse was one of the most predictable for the dominant righthanded people.

As was mentioned in the video, less than 10 percent of the population are lefthanded.  Upon further research, I have found that a predominance of righthandeness is mainly because of cooperation — sharing tools, for example, and is more widely accepted societally.  Whereas, competitive circumstances show that lefthanded people have the “upper hand” vs. righthanded people — HAH (except in golf — bummer).  (http://www.livescience.com/19968-study-reveals-lefties-rare.html)

From being a little girl where finding those green coated lefthanded pair of scissors in art class to being an adult looking for a spouted pot that flows from the left hand or dealing with the pesky coils of a spiral notebook or the discoloration of one’s hand from ink, I keenly remember many circumstances that required out-of-the-box, tolerant, flexible, and creative thinking.  In college and now I favor steno notebooks bound at the top as well as highlighting from right to left in text books, much to the shock of my friends and classmates.  I think it worked for me in almost a deconstructed kind of thought process from end to beginning, hence my love of the “ship” lesson.

Finally, because the right side of the brain is one known to control creative thought, why in the world would I want to curtail that innate Blessing?  Well, I think it may be a good thing for me to do occasionally as an exercise in pragmatics.  Sometimes I am one to be too ethereal — the balloon that might float away.  Thankfully, I have an extremely pragmatic husband who is the tether to my balloon.  Together, we make better decisions than we would separately.  I guess you could say that our love is a sort of corpus callosum.  hmmm



3 thoughts on “Week 24 — Already Out of the Box

  1. Chris

    I’m left handed too! And I always highlight from right to left as well. My wife is the opposite of me and I’m finding as I apply the laws of least effort I’m seeing how well we work together. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Pamela! It has been a pleasure reading your posts!


  2. dannycl

    Well now! Isn’t that interesting! Corpus collosum. Myself when I did that cross dominant hand writing ended up with dog for both hands. I started life as a lefty and switched to my right in school. In sports and at work I can use ether hand with ease. Ambidextrous! I am ether unbalanced or blessed beyond measures. What do you think Pam?
    Thanks for the insight.



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