Press Release

PRESS RELEASE — YGY Leadership Newsletter

“Welcome to the Youngevity Leadership Spotlight! I am Youngevity International President, Dave Briskie, and it is my pleasure to speak to you from beautiful sunny Florida. Brand new Vice Chairman Marketing Directors, Pamela and Andy Schwarz, have invited me to sit with them as the ocean breeze blows lightly on the lanai of their St. Augustine Beach Condo. Thank you for taking me on a tour of the Nation’s Oldest City in your brand new Porsche Panamera. You are looking fabulous in your red VCMD jacket and another one of our private line Marisa Kenson designer dresses, Pamela. You’ve always been such a product of our products. Tell me, Pamela, how does it feel to have achieved such rapid success having assimilated so well into Youngevity from Beyond Organic in just two short years?”

“Well, Dave, it has been so refreshing to become a part of One Team, One Dream and to espouse the concept of Staying in the Lane through 90forLife. Thanks to you, Doc Wallach, and the entire YGY corporate staff and my attentive leadership of Tom Chenault, Dr. Corey Gold, Mike Battistelli, and Jenni Smith, you have all made putting into action my Definite Major Purpose so much simpler. As you and I have discussed before, my passion has always been helping others to be healthier, physically and financially — treating their bodies (and lifestyles) like temples. I have been overjoyed every single day to hear how people’s lives have changed by teaching them proper nutrition, switching where to shop, and creating a legacy-building income. Listening to their testimonies of health and success never gets old. Achieving and exceeding 6 SEMD teams was easier than I ever expected.”

“What impact has this had on your lives?”

“Andy and I enjoy financial liberty immensely. Earning $10,000/month definitely has its benefits. I was able to close my neuromuscular therapy practice so that I could focus on my network marketing business because it has given me the opportunity to help more people than I ever could with just my two hands. One of our favorite things to do is take several Caribbean cruises per year (including the Top Achievers’ Club Cruise that we participated in for the first time in January 2015). Life is fun and serene for us every single day! And we love sharing it with our four boys, Ben, AJ, Gunnar, and Gavin.”

“Pamela, to what do you attribute your success?”

“Truthfully, I can be what I will to be. I believe this is all possible because God loves me. He has given me many gifts. Those gifts are to help others. There are no limitations for God. He created me in His image; therefore, all things are possible for me. Youngevity is the vehicle for my success and I promise to share that truth with whomever is willing to step out in faith and act upon their deepest desires. I always keep my promises.”

“Well, there you have it — another dream come true because of servant leadership here at Youngevity. The big question is ‘R U Next?'”